About the Artist


“Your paintings make me happy.”

I get this and other comments a lot from people who see and collect my work. They respond to my themes, vibrant colors and representations of simplicity. I paint the world as I see it – or how I’d like it to be. They must feel that way, too.

“So serene and mesmerizing. I just want to keep looking at it.”

I’ve evolved into a pointillistic style made most famous by Georges Seurat’s “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.” It’s painting comprised of thousands of dots in patterns to form an image. Look closely and it’s just a myriad of dots. But from a distance it’s a distinct scene. My images are filled with clouds and fields, townscapes and mountains. It’s folk art idealized, peaceful, yet animated.

I’ve been referred to as an American Pointillist.

“Stunningly, mesmerizingly lovely.”

My first painting, in 1971, was my memory of pencil-and-paper sketches that my father made in our suburban New York home of rural farm settings with country roads, barns and wagons. I’ve been painting similar scenes ever since.

People tell me, “I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s so different.” My paintings take weeks, sometimes months, to complete, but I finish each one before moving on.

“Very, very distinctive art. You have the patience of Job.”

I never took a lesson and have no formal training, but my paintings have won several awards, including Best in Show at the State Bar of California Annual Art Exhibition and at the Chatsworth Depot Art Show. I also won second place at the 29th Annual Santa Clarita Fine Art Association.

this is a headshot of George Goldberg, Pointillist Artist
"The creation of art demands dedication and commitment." George Goldberg

“A little like Grandma Moses meets Georges Seurat.”

My paintings and limited edition signed and numbered lithographs are affordably priced to bring happiness to you and those around you. Join me and discover the gift of happiness my art has given others.

Growing old is mandatory… Growing up is optional!  I opt not to grow up.

-George Goldberg